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West India New Sailing Service LLP, Ltd. has set up a public overseas warehouse in Mumbai, India, with an area of 11,000 square meters. In 2017, it achieved a transaction volume of US$66 million, ranking first in the province's provincial cross-border e-commerce public overseas warehouse. Its overseas warehouse functions are perfect, covering warehousing, product display, customs clearance, logistics and distribution, after-sales service, online and offline promotion, and Sino-Indian trade services. Over the years, we have been deeply cultivating the Indian market, forming a stable branding channel, and providing better, convenient and safe services for warehousing companies.

  • West india new sailing service LLP

    Winss Warehousing Corporation is one of most experienced service providers in the business. We are well equipped with latest mechanical equipment, trained staff and modern warehousing systems.


    Consignment and Carrying & Forwarding Agents services are Inland Services Offered to our Corporates and Big Govt. organisations. Where we provide the total solutions as far as the warehousing and management of the products .